Thanksgiving with Our Loved Ones

Thanksgiving was extra special this year. We decided to have a Friends Thanksgiving since our families live out of state and got the pleasure of having Alice join us for dinner. Alice was the by far amazing company. Once we arrived she met and hugged each of my friends with such great joy. She sat in the kitchen with us and we asked her how she would do and cook things. She would just come back with I want it how you’re cooking it with a giggle. She was full of smiles! Since we all work for Southwest Airlines a few friends asked her about being a stewardess. She shared about how much she traveled and loved it. She ate the entire meal, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, cream corn, and stuffing. She enjoyed every last bite. We got on the topic of birthdays and she was asking how old everyone was and when we asked her, she replied “none of your business,” after that we all laughed. It was so great seeing her super happy and having great conversations. Hopefully next year she can join us again. Thank you for sharing her with us, she was a true delight and we all enjoyed her company so much. I am very certain she really enjoyed her time with us as well. She is such a wonderful woman.