Telehealth for Seniors Is Actually Something You Should Try

Technology can sometimes make things more complicated than necessary, but when you are trying to be in two places at once, you have to admit, IT can come in handy.

Doctors and nurses are one group whose skills are needed everywhere these days, so telehealth makes a lot of sense. This growing trend is really helping a lot of people receive the care they need, where they want it, and at a more affordable price.

We put together a short introduction on telehealth to help you decide if it could be right for you or your loved one.

What Is Telehealth? | 6 Benefits

Telehealth is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using modern telecommunications technology. It is truly revolutionizing the delivery of care and benefits both our loved ones and those of us who take an active role in their care. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Improved access – both for our loved ones and healthcare providers
  2. Cost – Care is delivered more efficiently and at a lower price.
  3. Quality – Studies have shown encounters through telemedicine are comparable to face-to-face encounters in terms of diagnostic accuracy.
  4. Patient Demand – Patients want this technology. It is convenient, cost-effective, improves access, and improves the health and wellness of our loved ones.
  5. Reduced hospital admission and readmission rates – Many health systems have initiated programs to monitor patients remotely with remarkable improvements.
  6. Reduced stress for caregivers and family – Knowing your loved one is checking in at regular intervals with a professional provides a sense of relief.

How is Telehealth Used? What Kind of Care Can Be Delivered Via Mobile Device?

Though there are many ways to deliver this care the most important one for our loved ones is through web-based, e-health patient services sites.

These are the sites that provide outreach and direct patient care. Most commonly, they provide three kinds of services:

  1. Primary Care or Specialist Visits – Through a live interactive video, you can visit with your physician. This can involve a discussion of your problem, capturing images, collecting vital signs, rendering a diagnosis, and treatment plan — all from the comfort of home.
  2. Remote patient monitoring – Imagine having your blood pressure, ECG, or blood sugar sent directly to your physician for analysis. This is an excellent way to assist in the management of chronic diseases.
  3. Consumer medical and health information – This provides the opportunity to access specialized health information and take part in secure, private online discussion groups.

Telehealth delivers access, quality, and efficiency. More importantly, it improves the care of our loved ones and gives us some comfort knowing they will continue to live rich, active and healthy lives.