The Importance of a Good Home Care Plan

elderly-careLooking for a home caregiver, creating a care plan and letting a caregiver take the reigns isn’t easy. We understand. The process of finding the right caregiver can be time consuming, stressful and expensive. We help match and manage caregivers so that you can stay focused on your loved one, without being overwhelmed, but good caregiving rests on good communication – and that’s a two-way street. A good care plan creates a living, evolving blueprint for care that both family caregivers and professional caregivers can use to collaborate. The plan ensures a high standard of care and makes collaboration seamless.

Things don’t always go as we envision, so a good care plan helps to make sure that potentially difficult situations are dealt with in the best way possible. Care plans should be very thorough, considering every scenario your loved one might experience with a caregiver. From the start, they provide clear guidance and expectations for caregivers so they know what to do.

Beyond outlining a caregiver’s duties, there needs to be a consistently updated schedule and notes. For example, a family caregiver might note what they did that helped assist their loved one with an activity. Notes can be kept regarding how well certain strategies are working and professional caregivers can provide fresh approaches that a family caregiver might not know.

A care notebook is essential for those with dementia. Deviations from a routine are especially important to communicate. Eating or drinking less than normal is vital information to pass back and forth. Obviously, conversations are in order as well, but care documentation makes sure important information isn’t forgotten or lost.

Regularly scheduled meetings can be outlined in a care plan to ensure there aren’t any lingering communication gaps or concerns. To make sure that your loved one receives the care they deserve, we make sure to create a thorough plan from the start. With regular check-ins and documentation, our care adapts as conditions change. A good plan and a good caregiver will provide the tools and trust necessary to provide the best care possible.