New Mother Home Care

New Mother Care

Hospitals and insurance providers aren’t necessarily the best resources when it comes to the care people need at home. Home Care isn’t part of their expertise, so if you are searching for help at home during pregnancy or just after birth, we are here for you. When we take care of the small things, mothers can deal with their big responsibilities. Our New Mother Home Care service fits in with our Short Term Recovery and Respite Care plans, but its tailored specifically to mothers who just need a hand with chores and whatever else comes to mind. Kristi, a client of ours, summarized why she needed us:

“I am pregnant with our first child and I have had the worst morning sickness, although it has been all day, everyday. I was placed on bed rest, partly because I can’t get out of bed because I have been so weak and nauseous, and because I am considered “high risk” due to weight loss. My husband travels a lot during the week so he made sure our dogs and I were taken care of while he was away. I do have some family in town but everyone works full time.”

Bedrest from In Vitro Fertilization or Cesarean Sections

There is nothing quite like pregnancy and raising a family. The process is exciting and rewarding, but there can also be new limitations. Women who undergo in vitro fertilization or experience health concerns might be isolated to bedrest. After pregnancy, a cesarean can leave mothers immobile for quite some time. For help during those short periods of time, Extended Family Home Care can make a big difference.

In today’s world bed rest can be a serious challenge. For expecting mothers and those who’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby, let us be the extended family you need to make the transition easier. We can take care of your housekeeping, laundry, meals, pets and run errands. We can even transport you to and from appointments. That way, new and expecting mothers can focus on what is best for their children while we take care of the small things that can add up.

“My caregiver has become a friend to me. She is so kind and patient, absolutely delightful, willing and eager help to me with anything. She has helped take care of the pups, feeding them and taking them on walks. She has helped with housekeeping and the laundry. She has prepared meals and snacks, encouraged hydration and good nutrition. She has offered snack after snack when nothing sounds good. I simply don’t know what we would’ve done without Extended Family Home Care.”

Traveling and Gatherings

Being a new or expecting mother can be exceptionally challenging when there are other life events going on. Family gatherings, traveling or deployed husbands and vacation can be just a little too much for one person to handle, but you don’t have to do it all alone. Behind the scenes, we can provide the backup you need to deal with any life situation.

“Extended Family Home Care is a true blessing. They have been there when we needed someone the most. My husband has continued to be able to work and I am a few weeks into my second trimester and I feel good! I can’t thank you enough for everything and for our friendship. I can’t wait to email a picture of this little baby as you have really saved us both.”

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Extended Family Home Cleaning

We are happy to announce that Extended Family has expanded its services to provide our community with home cleaning services. We know how intimidating it can be to invite a stranger into your home, but Extended Family has 15 years of experience hiring trustworthy and compassionate employees who become an extension of their clients families.

Let Us Help With:

  • Bedrest from In Vitro Fertilization or Cesarean Sections
  • Traveling and Gatherings