Promoting Independence with Dementia-Certified Caregivers

img-0Dementia is a complex disease. Effective treatment requires extensive knowledge, training and planning. Our Alzheimer’s-certified caregivers help elders manage their activities of daily living and improve long-term health. We lessen the symptoms of dementia while we treat the causes.

Alzheimer’s Certification Training

We aim to help your parent retain independence. With long-term health in mind, our staff understands the disease process and we assess what we can do and where our clients require assistance. We employ measures to gauge the client’s cognitive performance and recognize predictors of cognitive transitions.

Often, your parent or loved one will need help with initiating a task. However, after receiving a cue, they will be able to follow through. Providing a prompt, such as “Would you like a sandwich or soup?” can help lead seniors into preparing and eating the lunch they want. Those independent activities stimulate their cognitive abilities and delay the progress of dementia.

Developing Care Plans and Independence

Everyone is different, and the most effective care plan for your parent will respond to individual preferences, social support systems and their stage of dementia. In order to be most effective, our staff recognizes your parent’s unique needs and develops an appropriate, individualized care plan.

The plan involves interventions, ranging from activity intervention, to programming and assessment. We also make dietary and hygienic suggestions based on up-to-date medical thought and hard evidence. These ensure short-term safety while laying the foundation for long-term cognitive functioning and health.

When necessary, we provide tools to assist daily living. For instance, some elders need to be reminded to take their medication, and programmable medication boxes help. We want your parent to be involved in their own self-care as much as possible. At the same time, we accept and plan for limitations, so they can live as actively and happily as possible.