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Meet Our Caregivers

Our caregivers love what they do! Enjoy some of their stories, and see them in action.


Jasmin: I have always loved caring for others! I have been a professional caregiver for the past seven years and really enjoy what I do. This is my calling and I remember the day a close older relative of mine told me that caring for others is in my heart and a true gift of mine. Each assignment is very special to me and I really enjoy my clients very much. I work very hard to make the time that I spend with others very special. I love Extended Family Home Care and what they stand for! They don’t just see this as a job but as people’s lives. They encourage you to build relationship and to go above and beyond for each client.


Morgan: I have always had a desire to make a career out of caring for others. My mother is a nurse and I grew up around her patients, and always admired the difference she was able to make in their lives. I am a compassionate and empathetic person by nature, and have no problem connecting with people from all walks of life. The most rewarding and fulfilling thing for me is when I am able to make another person’s life easier or more pleasant, and I hope to continue that in my role as a caregiver! I have a son and an awesome finance. In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, reading, doing yoga, and traveling. I also love animals of all kinds and have a passion for plants and nature.


Susan: I began my caregiving journey five years ago when my sister needed care after a cancer diagnosis. It was a humbling experience to care for her and one I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. I wanted to continue with this rewarding work. A friend who is an RN asked me to fill in for one of her non-medical patients while she was undergoing an operation. My first experience with caregiving outside my family was one of the most impactful and touching experiences – it was with a dear 85 year old lady with dementia. She had been a volunteer with the Peace Corps and a teacher. She had the most heartwarming stories and every visit with her opened my heart and mind to her amazing life! She is the reason I decided to devote myself to caregiving.

Since then I have worked with clients that have Parkinson’s, dementia and other various physical limitations. After a long career in the business world, I can sincerely say nothing has been more fulfilling than caregiving. I feel very privileged to be a caregiver and provide an ear, a caring heart and physical support to those that need it.


Alex: I was born in the Springs and traveled to Grand Junction to study nursing at Colorado Mesa University. Starting at a young age, I knew that I loved helping people. I took a caregiver/companion role and knew right away I wanted to work in the medical field. I believe the ideal caregiver is compassionate and supportive but encourages the client to have as much independence as possible. I fit into the role of a caregiver by being empathetic, hard working, intelligent and caring. We are good listeners and always there to help! 


Michelle: I’m from a small town in Wisconsin and grew up on a farm with my three siblings before I attended UW-Madison where I studied biology and Spanish. I am currently in an MPH program at CU Anschutz and hope to start medical school next fall. My desire to enter the medical field has led me to want to gain a more personal experience caring for people. I have enjoyed my experience working in hospital and emergency settings but I look forward to forming deeper connections with clients as a caregiver. I strive to be a caregiver who is compassionate, personable and able to maintain good relationships with clients while still maintaining my roles and responsibilities. I believe I have the love and patience it takes to care for and interact with others in a way that makes them feel comfortable and supported!


Madeleine: Ever since I was young, I have always found great joy in caring for others. I am a truly empathetic and compassionate person that is excited to dedicate my life to helping others. After assisting a woman who was developmentally disabled, I realized my passion for caregiving and my interest in studying psychology. I am currently pursuing a degree from the University of Colorado and hope to earn a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Some qualities I find crucial in caregiving are patience, dependability, and trustworthiness. I hold all of these very close to my heart. When I’m not caring for others, I enjoy bluegrass concerts, hiking with my roommate’s dog Lilly, and fly fishing up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!


Stephanie: I am a student from the Denver area currently working on my undergraduate degree in biology. My own experience with an autoimmune disease showed me the essential function of caregivers who are genuinely invested in people and their families. As a student intent on entering into the healthcare field, I am passionate about providing quality personal care. I have learned over the years the beauty and value of assisting others both with physical and emotional needs—whether that means housekeeping support or simply a conversation and a listening ear. The role of a caregiver is incredibly fulfilling and provides me a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those in my community. I strive every day to enrich the lives of those in my care and be a blessing to both them and their families. When I get the chance, I love spending time outdoors hiking and camping with family and friends.


Dona: I have been in the medical field for 40 plus years! I started as a ward clerk at a local hospital and finished as a Certified Medical Assistant for a very busy Orthopedic Clinic. I feel my years as a MA more than qualify me to be a caregiver and I will do every assignment given to me as if the client is my own parent. I am patient, compassionate and kind. I am very excited to start my caregiving career. I personally cared for my 87 year old father for several months before his passing in 2017. Caring for him was so rewarding, it brought us closer and I will cherish those memories the rest of my life.


Jesse: Extended Family has been a joy to work with because I am able to surround myself with clients that have become like family. There truly is no greater feeling than helping others. Knowing that I am lending a hand in allowing seniors to remain in the safe-haven of their homes has been extremely rewarding. My grandparents all passed when I was young. I miss their wisdom and contagious appreciation for the little things in life. Through my experiences working with Extended Family, I have been able to revive this void in my life while simultaneously helping others. I am so thankful for my interactions with our amazing clients that have brought so much value to my life.


Sanne: Caregiving comes natural for me and I believe it’s a physical and emotional endeavor. When I broke my leg I realized how much life can change by rapid physical change. I was blown away by the people who supported me and now I would like to pass that on. I feel that clients need to connect on a personal level to keep their lives fulfilled and that caregiving is not merely a job, but rather a real connection. Watching the way my grandma cared for my grandpa as he become ill with Alzheimer’s changed it all for me and my family, showing me that empathy, patience, being personable and working with good time management make a wonderful caregiver! 


Angela: I have always had the need to nurture and give comfort. I started by caring for infants and children in my home. I ran an in-home daycare for thirteen years until my grandmother had a need for 24/7 care. I brought her to my home and cared for her for just under three years until the Angels came to take her home. I learned so much during these three years including how important it is to bring comfort and dignity to our elders. It was very rewarding to learn that I could bring such care to her and make her life more comfortable. I have found my niche in life and enjoy learning about all the wonderful, sometimes hard lives, my dear elders have lived. Anything I can do to help make one’s life a little brighter and a little less strenuous, makes me feel wonderful and that I have positively impacted their life.


Nicole: My mother has been a CNA since I was younger and I knew this was the career I wanted to follow. I became a CNA and absolutely love the work that I do! A caregiver to me is someone with a kind heart that enjoys helping others do things that they may not be able to do anymore themselves. A great caregiver should always have a kind, very positive approach. I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and the companionship piece of caregiving is my favorite.

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Mirjana: After I graduated college, I spent several years working in customer service and sales. Even though I had a good job, it felt like something was missing. Eventually I realized that I wanted to do something that really helped others. I became a live-in caregiver for a disabled ALS patient. I ended up loving it! I feel so blessed to be able to spend every day giving dignity and kindness to those who need help.


Colby: I am currently about to start my senior year at the University of Missouri, and finish my last year of nursing school! I have loved my experience at Mizzou, and after finishing my first year of nursing school I am even more excited to be able to help people everyday. I went into nursing because I enjoy being around people and helping them through hard times. I learned through my clinicals that I really enjoy hearing people’s stories and talking to them, as well as being a caregiver for them. I find that keeping an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude allows me to be a caregiver who understands the value of being respectful and empathetic when entering someone else’s home. I remember when my grandma went through hospice, the caregivers that came to help us were extremely helpful and kind. They helped my family transition really well through the hard time and forever had an impact.

I have lived in Colorado my whole life, and love spending time outdoors in my free time. I love hiking and skiing with my friends and family!


Christine: I am a Colorado native and really enjoy everything that CO has to offer. I chose to be a caregiver about four years ago and instantly fell in love with this line of work. My mom has always told me that I have a heart of gold. I love helping others, it brings me great joy! Caregiving really is the perfect job for me. I love knowing that I can make life easier and even more enjoyable for others.


Amanda: I am a happily married mother of 3 beautiful children. Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I am very compassionate, dependable and honestly feel there is no greater feeling in the world than to see someone smile because of the simple act of kindness. Being able to have such a positive impact on others is an amazing feeling, and I am truly blessed with the opportunity to be doing something I love.


Emily: I started working as a caregiver in college, and 10+ years later, haven’t been able to kick the habit! There’s nothing quite as rewarding as the smile on a person’s face when they see you walk in for the start of a shift or sharing their joy when you help them accomplish something they’ve been working toward. I also love to stay busy–cooking and baking, planning out home improvement projects or just going out for walks.


Sennen: I began caregiving by helping my mother as a young teenager when she was suffering with arthritis in both of her knees. She was my mother and I wanted to be there for her like she had always been there for me. Later in my life, my older sister, my best friend, was diagnosed with cancer and I helped her during her recovery from her brain surgeries. I went to her home daily to give her injections, and anything else she needed help with at the time. Sadly, she did not survive but my time spent with her over the last year of her life was precious and a was a gift from God. It warms my heart that I was able to play a daily part of making her comfortable and happy. Through the year of my sister’s therapy she received assistance and our family witnessed caregiving that made us all tremendously grateful, we were impressed and blessed to have them care for her as if she was a member of their families. I knew at that time that someday I wanted pay it forward and help someone in the same way. My mother always told everyone that I was a little caretaker from the time I could walk. I feel empathy and very privileged to be able help someone in need and maybe make a difference in someone’s life.


Aeryn: I am from Colorado Springs and recently moved to Denver to attend nursing school. My long term career goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner and specialize in dermatology. I enjoy reading, walking, listening to music and I have always found joy in helping people. I find the ideal care to be capable of tackling any task the client needs, someone who is patient and takes the needed time to really listen. I am very outgoing and enjoy chatting so it’s easy for a client to open up to me and I make sure to go out of my way if something needs to be done!


Chaunte`: I’ll start by saying that helping others is something I love to do and how I was raised. I have been going to school, in hopes to receive my bachelors of Science degree in nursing because taking care and loving others is a passion of mine. I started out as a family caregiver when I took care of my grandmother while I was going through school and this had a huge impact on my life. It taught me that not only do the small things make the greatest difference but, showing someone your passion of caring for them when they need you the most made a difference in me. I learned so much from my grandmother as she shared her life story. As time passed by, she started losing her memory; we soon found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Instead of being upset, I’ve became stronger because I knew she needed me to be strong for her. I learned so much from her and I thank her because she has given me the opportunity to care for her through her ups and downs. Through this we both had a smile on our face and grew stronger together. I am now ready to care for others and show them my passion, hard work, and dedication to gain their trust in me. I am certain I will care for others the way I cared for my grandmother, and I am excited for the journey that’s ahead! I recently obtained my CNA and am enjoying using my skills.


Destinee: I enjoy being a caregiver because I love helping others. I’ve been given so much in my life and being able to give a little back makes me feel good. Being a caregiver means being present, in the moment with the person I’m caring for, being an “extended family” member, remembering to ask the little things, being open, positive, respectful, honest, and caring.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Family Services and Gerontology. I interned at a nursing home for 5 months learning about how the social worker helped the residents. I then obtained a career working with special needs for about 7 months and moved to Colorado. I worked as a social worker in a nursing home in Arvada and was constantly fighting for the client, and I was the only one. I had too much heart and passion for working in a nursing home. With that being said, I did find out how much I LOVED working with families and how much I loved working with the aging population. My strengths as a caregiver would be meeting the client where they are, being able to get to know them on a personal but still professional level, not over stepping boundaries, being caring, warm and personable. I’m open and honest and always ready to work. I’m respectful and positive. I listen well and understand different perspectives.


Julie: I am a passionate and caring individual with a two year old who keeps me busy, balanced and thriving! I always had a sensitive heart growing up and found my passion comforting and serving others at a young age. I feel that being a caregiver means giving your all to others who simply need help, whatever that may look like. Life can be hard enough on it’s own which is why caring for and bringing kindness to others truly brings me joy. I am a very empathetic and passionate person who cares about everyone. As a member of a military family who moved a lot, I am able get along with all personality types and adapt quickly to new environments. I believe that everyone needs a little assistance sometimes and I’m the type to give my all with a smile on my face!


Joyce: I remember even when I was young wanting to assist others. I loved reading stories about Florence Nightingale and how her nursing skills helped others. I was also influenced by my mother who was a registered nurse. I feel that it is beneficial to all of us to assist those who need extra care. I wanted to be a nurse but my interest in psychology had me take a different course. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and my Master’s in Clinical Psychology. My education presented opportunities to work in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.
On a more personal level, I had seen the frustration in my own fathers’ eyes when he was unable to do task that were once very easy for him. I saw his depression increase as he became less able to be self-sufficient and independent in the activities of his daily life as dementia set in. I had the opportunity to take care of my dad as he passed through his last stages of life. I was very appreciative of the help that visiting nurses and hospice provided during this time frame. I look forward to working with families and their loved one’s in their homes and being able to provide a more individual and one on one support that Extended Family Home Care offers.


Lacy: I have always been a natural caregiver and have put other’s needs before my own. My first experience as a caregiver was when I was in middle school. My mother was diagnosed with a very rare disease that made her bedridden. I took on all the household responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking my sister to school and picking her up. It didn’t stop there, after my mother was able to find something to treat and elevate her disease, my grandmother fell ill with lymphoma. I took off school, as family comes first, to care for her twenty-four hours a day. These experiences taught me to cherish each day and to keep family close. Its important to care for each other and help others in need.

I believe one of my greatest strengths as a caregiver is my ability to listen. I love stories! I was a hairdresser for eleven years and am very personable. I am also an excellent cook and a good housekeeper. I’m very artistic and love crafts. I am an animal lover as well. What makes me stand out is my ability to light up a room with my smile. I’m super caring, fun loving and want everyone around me to be happy.